Scientific events

Event in 2019

  • CF-PIARC Awards 2019



Scientific events - Ifsttar - [Translate to English:] photo du prix AIPCR

Silver medal in the category "Design and construction of the road" for communication at the 26 th World Road Congress, entitled:

"For a sustainable solution of infrastructure reinforcement by induced fiberglass grate". Daniel DOLIGEZ (6 D Solutions) Cyrille CHAZALLON, Hervé PELLETIER (Insa Strasbourg) Eric GODARD (COLAS), Pierre HORNYCH, Mai-Lan NGUYEN, Armelle CHABOT , Laurence LUMIERE, Maissa GHARBI (IFSTTAR)

A poster was presented at the congress which was held from October 6 to 10, 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

  • 27 th National Public Transport Meeting - Nantes October 1-3, 2019

Tuesday October 1, 2019, at the AGORAS - SCE area

From Busway to Navway: innovation in public transport projects is the result of a collective will and approach. A quick overview of initiatives in Nantes


Pascal QUINAOU, Head of Transport Infrastructure, SCE

Thomas GUINE Head of Mobility - Travel Manager, SCE

Guillaume LE DENMAT, Director of Investments and Traffic, Nantes Métropole

Véronique CEREZO, Director of the EASE laboratory, IFSTTAR

  •  2 nd European friction workshop (20 to 24 may, 2019) in Nantes

Conference program

Abstracts and presentations

Events in 2018

  • Workshop "Sustainability assessment of transport infrastructure: Recent developments and international projects" 16 - 17 july 2018, Pise

This workshop organized by the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Pisa, gathered various European and American experts developing works dealing with the sustainability of transport infrastructure.
Three sessions were organized (see program attached):

* The first session allowed to analyze different systems and methods of Labeling and certification for road infrastructures developed during the last years (LCE4ROADS, EDGAR, ENVISION, etc.). This session also
recall the fundamentals of life cycle analysis and assessment of environmental impacts of infrastructures.

* The second session provided some examples of development in construction and maintenance of infrastructure and road materials taking into account sustainability.

* The third session was dedicated to the first results of the NEREIDE project which aims at developping low rolling noise pavement mixes containing recycled materials.

Events in 2017

- Final seminar projet "FOX" (2015-2017) 25 th October, 2017. website of projet



EASE laboratory hosted from May 29 to June 2 the first European workshop dedicated to pavement skid resistance on the IFSTTAR site in Bouguenais. A hundred people from 17 countries (Europe, USA and Japan) attended the event. This is a continuation of works carried out for more than twenty years on the harmonization of methods for measuring skid resistance at the international level. This event brought together a scientific conference and inter-comparison tests of measuring devices conducted on the "Reference Track for Road Experiments".
The conference gave rise to some 20 scientific presentations on the texture of road surfaces and recent advances in measurement and modeling of skid resistance.
The comparison trials were conducted over three days and were preceded by a device calibration/verification exercise. Results will make it possible to estimate the measurement uncertainties and to link each device to a skid-resistance’s common scale, the EFI (European Friction Index). These works will then be used at the level of European standardization.

Events in 2016

-  Final seminar of the European projet "LCE4ROADS" (2013- 2016) 17 th November, 2016, facebook

Final seminar (presentations) of the European projet ROSANNE (2013-2016) ; 11 th October, 201. Pictures.  Overview article




  • Organization transversal seminar on analysis and geographic representation of environmental data on September 15 in IFSTTAR - Nantes

- Organization and animation of a session dedicated to skid resistance.

- Organization and animation od a workshop " Transport infrastructures and biodiversity"

- Participation in the workshop "Return of experience  on the use of eco-comparators and environmental performance databases"

  •  Conference :  Elements of management for the conservation of the pollination service by honey-bee and wild bees : from agro-ecological issues to the share of land-planning, transports and citizens. 14 th January, 2016, Bouguenais (IFSTTAR)
  • Conference "Decline of pollinator insects ans their role in pollination : what contribution of land-planning?" , presented by Stan Chabert (Inra, UR Abeilles et Environnement) during the seminar organised at Ifsttar-Nantes 14th of January, 2016) is available on line.

Events in 2015

  • Conference JiFT (International Francophone Days of Tribology),  27 - 29 may 2015, Bouguenais (IFSTTAR), co-organized with ECN.

2 nd campaign of skid resistance measurements (13-24 April 2015) on the Reference test track  in Nantes

Campaign of rolling resistance measurements (3- 9 september 2015) on the Reference test track in Nantes

  • JTR 2015  (4- 5 February 2015). Organization and animation of a session dedicated to skid resistance.

Années antérieures

  •  Workshop RFF, 11th december 2014 in Paris
  • LCA ( International Symposium on pavement) 14 - 16 October, 2014
  • Closuse days of EPEES research operation (Evaluation and Prediction of the Effect on Environment of transport infraStructures), 10 - 11 September 2013.
  • European project ROSANNE

1st campaign of skid resistance mesurements (12 - 23 may 2014) on the Reference test track in Nantes