Completed projects

International projects

This project compared several methodological approaches concerning the use phase and the inclusion of pavement recycling in a life cycle perspective.

  • CalFrance (UC Berkeley, California, USA) (2010-2012) Monitoring and Improving Roadway surface conditions for safe driving environment and sustainable infrastructure

This project enabled an exchange of practices on road monitoring and evaluation methods.

European projects

  • ROSE (2016-2018) ROads Saving Energy

Objective : a durable asphalt pavement with at least 6.5% reduction of passenger-car energy consumption
leader : Roskilde University. Ease brought its expertise :
   on the experimental part: measurement of rolling resistance and texture measurement.
   on the theoretical part: influence of the geometry of the road on consumption.

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  • FOX (2015-2017) Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes

FOX H2020 is a project funded theme MG - 81b 2014 "Smarter design, building and maintenance." It aims to define a roadmap in terms of R & D (research and development) to develop multimodal transport high efficiency

  •  SUPER ITN (2013-2016) Sustainable Pavement & Railway Initial Training Network

This Marie Curie project aims to develop a multi-criteria evaluation tool for transport infrastructures (road/rail). The work resulted in the establishment of a multi-criteria evaluation methodology (selection of indicators, methods of aggregation of indicators) that makes it possible to compare different technical solutions with one another based on sustainability criteria and environmental, safety, noise and cost impacts. The project addresses all pillars of sustainable development (technical, economic, environmental and social) and provides the assessment tool associated with the methodology.

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  • MIRIAM (2010-2016) Models for rolling resistance In Road Infrastructure Asset Management Systems

This project develops methods for rolling resistance measurements and estimation models of rolling resistance in connection with infrastructure characteristics.

  • LCE4ROADS (2013-2016) Development of a novel ECO-LABELing EU-harmonized methodology for cost-effective, safer and greener road products and infrastructures.

This project aims at developping a road infrastructure project certification system using sustainable development indicators in the economic , technical, environment and social domains.

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  • ROSANNE (2013-2016) ROlling resistance, Skid resistance, ANd Noise Emission measurement standards for roads surfaces.

This project deals with the harmonization of methods of measurement of friction, noise and rolling resistance.

  • SCelecTRA (2012-2015) SCenarios for the Electrification of TRansports.

This project takes place within the Electromobility + transnational program supported by the Era- Net Transport. It aims at identifing the conditions ( policy ) for the development of electromobility in Europe in 2030.

  • TRIMM (2011-2014) Tomorrow's Road Infrastructure Monitoring & Management.

This project developed an optimization tool for road maintenance including safety and environmental criteria.

  • SKIDSAFE (2009-2013) Enhanced Driver Safety due to Improves Skid Resistance
  • TYROSAFE (2007-2010) TYre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid résistance and Further Effects.

This project produced a roadmap for harmonization of methods of measurement of grip in Europe.

National projects

The Gedev project considers the operational and legal feasibility of green verges’ (GV) management by competent local actors involved in the management of (sem natural environments. For land transport infrastructure (LTIs) managers, using the skills of local stakeholders in natural environment management may be a solution to meet their need to implement biodiversity-friendly practices in GVs (conservation, connectivity). However, such initiatives remain limited and the possibilities for replication in other contexts are unclear.

  • CAPTATUS (2016-2018)

This project aims to physically characterize the particles from exhaust (particle size, surface, number, chemical composition, ...) in various situations of use of vehicles.

  • CYCLEVAL (2016-2017) Evaluation of the cycling of itineraries according to a scales of effort.

 Objective: Assessments of  route  cyclability  according to an effort scale.
Ease has developed an instrumented bike. This measurement system is versatile and thus adapts to the different needs of research.

  • CERVIFER (2014-2017) CERtification VIrtuelle en FERroviaires.

This project aims at reducing the time and cost of product development and rail transport systems through virtual prototyping

This project aims at developping applied research on the basement of the contribution to sustainable urban development.

  • NANO-DATA (2013-2016)

This project is studying particulate emissions from road traffic. The work of EASE focussed on laboratory simulations of this phenomenon with the machine Wehner / Schulze.

  • PolLinéaire (2014-2016) Potentiel des dépendances vertes d'ILT pour la préservation et la dispersion des pollinisateurs sauvages. Programme ITTECOP 2014.
  • MINnD-UC6 (2014-2015) Modélisation des informations interopérables pour les infrastructures durables Uce Case 6 : Infrastructures et environnement
  • TRAFIPOLLU (2013-2015)

This project aims at producing digital and technological tools to improve knowledge and management of an urban area ( support tool to the decision).

  • OFRIR2 (2010-2013) Observatoire Français des Ressources pour les Infrastructures

This project helped creating an observatory that provides return of experiences on the use of various alternative materials in infrastructure. Life Cycle Analysis is also given.

Régional Projects

  • LiRGec (2011-2015) Institut Ligérien de Recherche en Génie Civil et Construction. Pari scientifique gégional pour la création d'une fédération de laboratoires en génie civil

  • CLEAN (2009-2012). Chaussées à Longévité Environnementale Adhérente et Nettoyante.

This project developed innovative and sustainable materials for long life road pavements.

  •  SBaDFoRM (2008-2013) State-Based Decision for Road Maintenance.

This project proposed a stochastic modeling of pavement maintenance (evolution model of pavement cracking).

  • SEMET (2011-2013).

This project dealt with the monitoring of emissions at source related to Earthmoving machines.

  • TerDouest (2008-2012) Terrassements Durables- OUvrages en sols Traités.

This project developed an environmental assessment method for earthworks.