Expertises - Studies

  •  Assisting GOODYEAR in the expertise of its test tracks (2018- 2020)

This study aims to understand the skid resistance evolution of various pavement surfaces on Goodyear's test tracks due to the polishing of their textures and the acidity of wetting water

  • Analysis of existing socio-economic data to help to set up the marketing of an innovative mobility offer (2017-2018)

In the framework of the development of new forms of mobility in the Pays de la Loire, SNCF asked Ifsttar to characterise daily journeys on an axis in the Nantes suburban area, using data made available by INSEE and the Ménage Déplacement survey.
We carried out a statistical evaluation of the data using Python.

  • Study of river trajectories for the métropole  Rouen Normandie (2017)

In the framework of studies on a project for the crossing of the Seine, Rouen métropole asked Ifsttar to determine the ships trajectories zones on a part of the Seine. An assessment was therefore carried out by Ease using statistical analysis of the AIS data of vessels. The very large quantity of these data highlighted areas relevant to the specifications of the crossing structure. Data processing was done with the R software and some libraries that handle large data files, such as the data. table and dplyr libraries.

  • TISSEO (2014-2015)
  • CRR (2014-2015)