Emissions Measurement Platform (PME)

The platform was created in the years 2004.

  • It allows the collection of data and measurements of emissions of pollutants to the atmosphere
  • Conducting Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) civil engineering methods (materials and construction equipment)

Reference Tracker tracks and Experimentation (PRER)

The reference track created in 1980 on the IFSTTAR Nantes site has several test areas spread over 2300 m long : rirage raised, straight , etc.

  • Characterization of tire / road contact ( grip, noise, rolling resistance, plain)
  • Characterization of the dynamic behavior of the vehicle
  • Modeling vehicle consumption
  • Studies of user trajectories


Light road vehicle pollutant measurement platform 

 The platform created in the eighties on the site of IFSTTAR Bron has been enriched and modernized many times in order to follow the technological developments of vehicles and standards.

It allows:

  • The measurement of emissions of regulated and unregulated exhaust and non-exhaust pollutants.
  • Quantification, characterization, identification, evolution, ageing and dispersion in fields close to pollutants.




Benches measuring surface characteristics and adhesion

The laboratory texture / adhesion was established in 2000.

  • It contains facilities for the study of pavement surface characteristics and their influence on the use properties of pavements.
  • It is a complement to a true grandeur test tools ( reference track , instrumented vehicles)


Environmental Assessment of the production of asphalt in Central &
Dust and particles

Roller bench